Hanna1  Beginning Hanna Training 
This beginner class is based on Hanna’s teachings and remedies concerning the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health.  In this class you will learn to use a pendulum to measure energy levels, be introduced to Hanna’s wonderful “gadgets” and explore the many ways you can help your body come into balance and heal itself.

Hanna2 Emotional Causes of Ill Health


This is a brand new course for 2012.  We will be focusing on how to identify and release the negative emotions that are related to many chronic diseases and imbalances. We will discuss many different modalities and present the work of many of today’s pioneers in this field.

Hanna3 Spiritual Causes of Ill Health & Hands on Procedures
This advanced Hanna course will complete the experiential methods Hanna Kroeger developed and taught. You will learn and participate in several ceremonies, learn advanced dowsing techniques and several alignment procedures, as well as make different herbal remedies using herbs that grow on the Peaceful Meadow Retreat grounds.

AccessHanna™ Training 
This class introduces the exciting new software “AccessHanna™” developed by Gwen Foster and Eric Kolesar to integrate the latest in computer matching technology with Hanna’s full range of healing teachings and protocols.  Please see the following websites for more and

Hanna Kroeger Practitioner Certification
This class is for those students who want to become Certified Hanna Kroeger Practitioners and be placed on our list of recommended practitioners.  During the class you will be called upon to demonstrate the hands-on procedures and spiritual ceremonies, as well as demonstrating your knowledge of Hanna’s teachings.

Hanna Kroeger Teacher Certification
This class is for those students interested in teaching the Hanna1 class.  Hanna1 -3 and the Hanna Kroeger Practitioner Certification class are prerequisites to this class.  You will be called upon to demonstrate your knowledge of Hanna’s teachings, remedies, hands-on procedures and spiritual ceremonies.

Advanced Dowsing Techniques – Raymon Grace
Raymon Grace packs a full house in this class with his amazing presentation of techniques using the pendulum to help you bring back your physical, emotional and spiritual balance.  For more information on Raymon visit his website

Wheel of Life Shamanic Teaching – Betsy Bergstrom
This course is a four part training in shamanism designed to help us embody our true selves.  Betsy Bergstrom is a brilliant shamanic teacher and practitioner who has studied with shamans and healers from many cultures.

The 12 Cell Salts of Dr. Schussler  / The 12 Healers of Dr. Edward Bach – Sally Tamplin

Each cell salt will be discussed in detail using a colorful power point presentation.  Dr. Bach called his first 12 essences , “The 12 Healers or Soul Types.”  Each “Healer” will be presented via colorful power point presentation, attendees will gain  better understanding of the Bach system which maintains that the root of all suffering lies in the mental and emotional realm.  Finally.  The 12 Healers with the 12 Schussler Cell Salts will be linked.

Emergency Response Homeopathy / Homeopathy for Influenza including Pandemic Disease – Sally Tamplin

Sally will present the main homeopathic remedies that can be used in times of shock and trauma both on the physical and the mental and emotional level.  She will discuss the remedies that are particularly useful in times of war and disaster,  present the main homeopathic remedies that can be used for Influenza and talk extensively about the use of homeopathy in times of pandemic disease

Flower Essences for Spiritual Growth

We will look at the nature of karma, family patterns, issues around survival, trauma and negative belief patterns that stagnate our energy and lower our vibration.  We will examine flower essences that open the heart chakra, essences that enhance our understanding of love, acceptance, belonging and gratitude. Special reference will be made to the work of Deitmar Kramer and the, “Flower Body Maps.”  Living Tree Orchids, essences with some of the highest spiritual vibration, will be used during group meditation.

Class Cancellation policy: 

Full refund if cancellation is received 30 days before class start time

50% refund if cancellation is received between 1-3 weeks before class start time

25% refund if cancellation is received within a week of class start time